وبلاگ اطلاعات حقوق بین الملل
دانلود رایگان مقالات و کتب حقوق بین الملل

From Paris to London: The Legal History of European Reparation Claims: 1946-1953
Richard M. Buxbaum/PDF

"Never Again"? German Chemical Corporation Complicity in the Kurdish Genocide
Michael J. Kelly/PDF

A "Special Track" for Former Child Soldiers: Enacting a "Child Soldier Visa" as an Alternative to Asylum Protection
Elizabeth A. Rossi/PDF

Transnational Rights Enforcement David Gartner/PDF

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Relevance of Subsequent Party Conduct to Treaty Interpretation Rahim Moloo/PDF

The Human Right(s) to Water and Sanitation: History, Meaning, and the Controversy Over-Privatization Sharmila L. Murthy JD, MPA/PDF

The Law on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments: Is It Broken and How Do We Fix It? Yuliya Zeynalova/PDF

Globalization and Sovereignty Julian Ku and John Yoo/PDF

The Role of Justice in Annulling Investor-State Arbitration Awards Tai-Heng Cheng/PDF

International Law and Institutions and the American Constitution in War and Peace Thomas H. Lee/PDF

Sovereigntism's Twilight Peter J. Spiro/PDF

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه 20 اسفند1392ساعت 18:41  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Using the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide as a Tool for a Secured Transactions Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Malawi
Marek Dubovec & Cyprian Kambili

Drafting Commercial Practices and the Growth of Commercial Contract Law
Boris Kozolchyk

The Diamond Industry and the Industry’s Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Ersoy Zirhlioglu

The Electronic Express Sea Waybill as Perceived in Sea-Land Service, Inc. v. Lozen International, L.L.C. and Later Case Law
Lili Sehayek Niv

Sectoral Dispute Resolution in International Banking (Documentary Credit Dispute Expertise: DOCDEX)
Chang-Soon Thomas Song

GAFTA Arbitration as the Most Appropriate Forum for Disputes Resolution in Grain Trade
Iryna Polovets, Matthew Smith, & Bradley Terry

Importation of Mexican Produce into the United States: Procedures, Documentation, and Dispute Resolution
John F. Munger

Comparing Certain Aspects of U.S. and Costa Rican Medical Malpractice Compensation Systems as Well as Speculating about Some Soft Comparative Claims Data: Bad News for Costa Ricans and Medical Tourists to Costa Rica?
Roy G. Spece, Jr., Federico Torrealba, Carmen Garcia Downing & Rose Marie Ibanez

Judges Talking to Jurors in Criminal Cases: Why U.S. Judges Do It So Differently From Just About Everyone Else
Paul Marcus

Comparative Commercial law and the NLCIFT Methodology for Economic Development
Boris Kozolchyk

Usury and the Efficiency of Market Control Mechanisms: A Comment on “Usury in English Law” Revisited
Dale Beck Furnish & William J. Boyes

Microfinance, Law, and Development: A Case Study in Mali
James B. Greenberg


+ نوشته شده در  جمعه 2 اسفند1392ساعت 21:51  توسط کمالی نژاد | 


 مقاله ها

- پـارادايم «بشردوستي» و گـرداب «مداخله» ـ تحليلي روشمند از «امنيّت انساني» و «مداخلات يك جانبه»

- حقوق بين الملل عمومي و سينما 

- چالش هاي سازمان حفاظت محيط زيست در حفاظت از منابع جاندار درياي مازندارن

- حادثه هسته اي فوكوشيما از منظر حقوق بين الملل محيط زيست

- دولت الكترونيك: جستاري در مبنا، ماهيت و كاركردها

- صلح فراگير و راهكارهاي عملي آن در انديشة امريك كروسه

- تحليل رأي ديوان بين المللي دادگستري در قضية تيمور شرقي

- اصل لوتوس در روية ديوان بين المللي دادگستري: آيا اين كشتي هرگز روي آب بود؟

- حقوق بين الملل خصوصي در رويه ديوان بين المللي دادگستري

- تجارت الکترونیک در حقوق اسلامی با نگاهی به قرآن و سنّت

- ملاحظات مكتوب جمهوري اسلامي ايران راجع به پيش نويس مواد كميسيون حقوق بين الملل در خصوص آثار درگيري هاي مسلحانه بر معاهدات (قرائت اول)

- ابعاد حقوقي دستگيري ريگي: عدالت، حقوق بين الملل و مشروعيت

- قطعنامه 1970 شوراي امنيت ملل متحد در تكاپوي صلحي عادلانه

گاهشمار حقوق بين‌الملل


+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه 1 اسفند1392ساعت 20:26  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

The editors of the British Yearbook of International Law have personally selected articles across the Yearbook's archive for your perusal.

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 30 بهمن1392ساعت 10:11  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

جلسه دفاع پایان نامه دکتری

با عنوان

حقوق بین الملل عرفی خط مبدء مناطق دریایی: با نگاه ویژه به خط مبدء ایران در خلیج فارس و دریای عمان

دانشجو: ساسان صیرفی

استاد راهنما: دکتر امیرحسین رنجبریان

مشاوران: دکتر سید فضل الله موسوی و دکتر عباسعلی کدخدایی

داوران داخلی: دکتر سیدباقر میرعباسی و دکتر احمد مومنی راد

داوران خارجی: دکتر سیدقاسم زمانی و دکتر همایون حیبیی

زمان: یکشنبه، 27 بهمن 1392، ساعت 17

مکان: سالن کنفرانس حوزه ریاست، طبقه سوم، دانشکده حقوق و علوم سیاسی دانشگاه تهران.

شرکت برای عموم آزاد است.

+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه 20 بهمن1392ساعت 13:6  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

The new editors of the Leiden Journal of International Law (LJIL), Carsten Stahn and Eric De Brabandere, are pleased to offer complimentary access to the latest issue.

 You can access this issue of LJIL until the 27th of March 2014 by following this link.

 Stahn and De Brabandere open the new issue with an editorial that reflects on the changing role and function of scholarship in international law. Read the editorial here.

 We hope you enjoy the latest issue of LJIL.

+ نوشته شده در  جمعه 18 بهمن1392ساعت 18:50  توسط کمالی نژاد | 


The Deluge

Dreaming Law Without A State: Scholarship On Autonomous International Arbitration As Utopian Literature

Laws Of Encounter: A Jurisdictional Account Of International Law

A Thoroughly Bad And Vicious Solution’: Humanitarianism, The World Court, And The Modern Origins Of Population Transfer



+ نوشته شده در  جمعه 18 بهمن1392ساعت 18:43  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Political Corruption as a Regulatory Problem in Germany - PDF - Sebastian Wolf

Theories and Practice of State Succession to Bilateral Treaties: The Recent Experience of Kosovo - PDF - Qerim Qerimi & Suzana Krasniqi

Exploring the European Council’s Legal Accountability: Court of Justice and European Ombudsman - PDF - Nikos Vogiatzis

The Temporal Limitation of Judicial Decisions: The Need for Flexibility Versus the Quest for Uniformity - PDF - Sarah Verstraelen

The Metamorphoses of Universal Service in the European Telecommunications and Energy Sector: A Trans-Sectoral Perspective - PDF - Csongor István Nagy

Women Between a Rock and a Hard Place: State Neutrality vs. EU Anti-Discrimination Mandates in the German Headscarf Debate - PDF - Joyce Marie Mushaben

Ghetto Pensions - PDF - Sven Simon & Avraham Weber

Is There State Immunity in Cases of War Crimes Committed in the Forum State? On the Decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of 3 February 2012 in Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Germany v. Italy: Greece Intervening) - PDF - Hermann-Josef Blanke & Lara Falkenberg

The Meaning of Regulatory Act Explained: Are There Any Significant Improvements for the Standing of Non-Privileged Applicants in Annulment Actions? - PDF - Haakon Roer-Eide & Mariolina Eliantonio

The Freedom to Conduct a Business in the EU, Its Limitations and Its Role in the European Legal Order: A New Engine for Deeper and Stronger Economic, Social, and Political Integration - PDF - Andrea Usai

Giving Victims a Voice: On the Problems of Introducing Victim Impact Statements in German Criminal Procedure - PDF - Kerstin Braun

“Lisbon vs. Lisbon”: Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Freedoms - PDF - Daniel Augenstein & Bert van Roermund

Engaging the Fundamentals: On the Autonomous Substance of EU Fundamental Rights Law - PDF - Daniel Augenstein

The Embryo and its Rights: Technology and Teleology - PDF - Bert van Roermund

Hungary and the Indirect Protection of EU Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law - PDF - Mark Dawson & Elise Muir

The Effects of EU Law on the Social and Economic Goals of Europe 2020: A Decision Theoretic Approach to Wage Liability Regimes in Modern Europe - PDF - Mijke Houwerzijl & Terry Wilkinson

The European Court of Justice and “Total Market” Thinking - PDF - Emilios Christodoulidis

Fundamental Rights: The Missing Pieces of European Citizenship? - PDF - Chiara Raucea

Making Good European Citizens of the Roma: A Closer Look at the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies - PDF - Morag Goodwin & Roosmarijn Buijs

Security and the Transformation of the EU Public Order - PDF - Matej Avbelj

Securing the EU Public Order: Between an Economic and Political Europe - PDF - Michiel Besters & Milda Macenaite

Transnational Legal Discourse: Reflections on my Time with the German Law Journal - PDF - Peer Zumbansen

A Note From the Editors: The State of the Political Constitution - PDF - Marco Goldoni & Christopher McCorkinidale

The Resilience of the Political Constitution - PDF - K.D. Ewing

A Grammar of Public Law - PDF - Graham Gee & Grégoire Webber

(Political) Constitutions and (Political) Constitutionalism - PDF - Paul Scott

Whose Political Constitution? Citizens and Referendums - PDF - Stephen Tierney

Why We (Still) Need a Revolution - PDF - Marco Goldoni & Christopher McCorkindale

The Case for the New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism - PDF - Stephen Gardbaum

The Relation Between Political Constitutionalism and Weak-Form Judicial Review - PDF - Mark Tushnet

The Human Rights Act: Ambiguity about Parliamentary Sovereignty - PDF - Janet Hiebert

What’s Left of the Political Constitution? - PDF - Adam Tomkin

+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه 5 دی1392ساعت 16:3  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

This free online collection brings together content from journals published by Oxford University Press in order to raise awareness of International Migrants Day on 18th December 2013. We hope that you find it a useful and interesting resource. All journal articles below are freely available online until 18th March 2014.

Eliciting illegal migration rates through list randomization
David McKenzie and Melissa Siegel

Subject to deportation: IRCA, ‘criminal aliens’, and the policing of immigration
Jonathan Xavier Inda

What determines attitudes to immigration in European countries? An analysis at the regional level
Yvonni Markaki and Simonetta Longhi

Clashes within Western civilization: Debating citizenship for European Muslims
Peter O’Brien

Happiness and ‘economic migration’: A comparison of Eastern European migrants and stayers
David Bartram

Troubling freedom: Migration, debt, and modern slavery
Julia O’Connell Davidson

What happens post-deportation? The experience of deported Afghans
Liza Schuster and Nassim Majidi

When refugees stopped being migrants: Movement, labour and humanitarian protection
Katy Long

The effect of income and immigration policies on international migration
Francesc Ortega and Giovanni Peri

Entrepreneurship, transnationalism, and development
Alejandro Portes and Jessica Yiu

We are All the Same, Coz Exist Only One Earth, Why the BORDER EXIST': Messages of Migrants on their Way
Ilse Derluyn, Charles Watters, Cindy Mels, and Eric Broekaert

Leaving Mogadishu: Towards a Sociology of Conflict-Related Mobility
Anna Lindley

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 27 آذر1392ساعت 17:41  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Pricing Compliance: When Formal Remedies Displace Reputational Sanctions
By: Rachel Brewster

Dialectic of Transnationalism: Unauthorized Migration and Human Rights, 1993–2013
By: Itamar Mann

Toward an International Law of the Internet 
By: Molly Land

Ending Judgement Arbitrage: Jurisdictional Competition and the Enforcement of Foreign Money Judgments in the United States
By: Gregory H. Shill

Tobacco Packaging Arbitration and the State’s Ability to Legislate
By: Ankita Ritwik

Consent to the Use of Force and International Law Supremacy

By: Ashley S. Deeks

Getting to Rights: Treaty Ratification, Constitutional Convergence, and Human Rights Practice
By: Zachary Elkins, Tom Ginsburg & Beth Simmons

Conceptualizing China Within the Kantian Peace
By: Manik V. Suri

International Vote Buying
By: Natalie J. Lockwood

The Failed Promise of Language Rights: A Critique of  the International Language Rights Regime
By: Moria Paz

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه 26 آذر1392ساعت 10:37  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Access the latest issue of NILR without charge

We are pleased to announce that the final issue of the 60th volume of the Netherlands International Law Review (NILR) is now online without charge until the 2nd of February, 2014.

Access this issue without charge here.

+ نوشته شده در  جمعه 22 آذر1392ساعت 12:33  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

In honour of Human Rights Day this year, we’ve made a selection of articles looking at human rights issues freely available from numerous titles across several disciplines for a limited time.

Click the titles below and start reading immediately:

Human Rights Law Review

International Journal of Refugee Law

The International Journal of Transitional Justice

London Review of International Law

Click here to browse the inaugural issues table of contents to browse articles for free, including pieces with a human rights slant.

Refugee Survey Quarterly

Journal of Refugee Studies

African Affairs

Migration Studies

Journal of Human Rights Practice

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه 19 آذر1392ساعت 18:41  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Extraterritoriality and the Rule of Law: Why Friendly Foreign Democracies Oppose Novel, Expansive U.S. Jurisdiction Claims by Non-Resident Aliens Under the Alien Tort Statute
Donald I. Baker PDF

Kiobel: Muddling the Distinction Between Prescriptive and Adjudicative Jurisdiction
Anthony J. Colangelo PDF

Extraterritoriality, Universal Jurisdiction, and the Challenge of Kiobel v.Royal Dutch Petroleum Co.
Vivian Grosswald Curran PDF

The Alien Tort Statute as Transnational Law
Jaye Ellis PDF

Human Rights Litigation and the National Interest: Kiobel's Application of the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality to the Alien Tort Statute
Jonathan Hafetz PDF

The Contradiction Between Alien Tort Statute Jurisprudence and the Continued Immunity of U.S. Officials for Acts of Torture Committed Abroad
Jules Lobel PDF

Kiobel, Extraterritoriality, and the "Global War on Terror"
Craig Martin PDF

Kiobel, Unilateralism, and the Retreat from Extraterritoriality
Austen L. Parrish PDF

Kiobel and Extraterritoriality: A Rule Without a Rationale
David L. Sloss PDF

Extraterritoriality and Human Rights After Kiobel
Beth Stephens PDF

Frozen Embryo Disposition in Cases of Separation and Divorce: How Nahmani v. Nahmani and Davis v. Davis Form the Foundation for a Workable Expansion of Current International Family Planning
Ceala E. Breen-Portnoy PDF

The Challenges of Delivering International Humanitarian Aid in a Post-9/11 Global Framework
Catherine Gonzalez PDF

Harmonizing All Around the World: Re-evaluating the Copyright and Treaty Powers in the Post-Golan Era
Derrick Wang PDF

Kiobel and the Multiple Futures of Corporate Liability for Human Rights Violations
Ralph G. Steinhardt PDF

Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum: A Practitioner's Viewpoint
Marco Simons PDF

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه 11 آذر1392ساعت 18:13  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Environmental Protection or Mineral Theft: Potential Application of the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause to U.S. Termination of Unpatented Mining Claims/ Beckett G. Cantley

Deep Water Offshore Oil Exploration Regulation: The Need For a Global Environmental Regulation Regime/ Naama Hasson

Climate Change Comes to the Clean Water Act/   Robin Kundis Craig  

 Greening the Economy Sustainably/   David L. Markell

 Climbing Mount Mitigation: A Proposal for Legislative Suspension of Climate Change Mitigation Legislation/  J.B. Ruhl

 Climate Change, Scale, and Devaluation: The Challenge of our Built Environment/ Nathan F. Sayre

 Using National Border Climate Adjustment Schemes to Facilitate Global Greenhouse Gas Management in Industrial Production/ Alexandra Khrebtukova

Lessons Unlearned: The Legal and Policy Legacy of the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill/ Mark Davis

The Regulation of Mining and Mining Waste in the European Union/ Yvonne Scannell

Energy Efficiency as Fundamental to the Missions of U.S. Religious Congregations, Health Care Providers and Schools/Warren G. Lavey

Assessing Moral Claims in International Climate Change Negotiations/ Yoram Margalioth

Integrating Community Knowledge into Environmental and Natural Resource Decision-Making: Notes from Alaska and Around the World/ Elizabeth Barrett Ristroph

Chevron, Greenwashing, and the Myth of “Green Oil Companies”/ Miriam A. Cherry & Judd F. Sneirson

Carrots and Sticks, from President Obama’s Solyndra and Beyond/ Paul Boudreaux

 Developing and Diffusing Green Technologies: The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights and their Justification/ Jonathan M.W.W. Chu

Creating Regional Environmental Governance Regimes: Implications of Southeast Asian Responses to Transboundary Haze Pollution/ Roda Mushkat

Examining California’s SB 375’s High Density “Sustainable Communities Strategy” and What it Means for Cities with their Own Low Density Strategies to Curb the Excesses of Growth: Separate Paths to a Better World?/ Byron K. Toma

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Not a Suitable Approach For Evaluating Climate Regulation Policies/ Gregory Scott Crespi

The Development of Environmental Governance Regimes: A Chinese-Inspired Regime/ Roda Mushkat

Using the Federal Communication Commission's Tower Construction Notification System as a Model for Siting Nuclear Waste on Native American Land/ Casey Zivin

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه 4 آذر1392ساعت 15:21  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

جلسه دفاع پایان نامه دکتری

تحول عناصر تشکیل دولت با تکیه بر فلسطین

دانشجو: مهسا فرحزاد

استاد راهنما: دکتر رنجبریان

استادان مشاور: دکتر کدخدایی و دکتر میرعباسی

استادان داور: دکتر طباطبایی، دکتر حبیب زاده، دکتر موسوی و دکتر امین زاده

زمان: چهار شنبه، 6 آذر 1392، ساعت 17:30

مکان: دانشکده حقوق و علوم سیاسی دانشگاه تهران

+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه 30 آبان1392ساعت 22:52  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

The Relationship between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law in Situations of Armed Conflict

Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC PDF

Legal Control of Burial Rights

Remigius Nnamdi Nwabueze PDF

 The Effect of War on Law – What happens to their Treaties when States go to War?

Arnold Pronto PDF

 Ocean Acidification And Protection Under International Law From Negative Effects: A Burning Issue Amongst A Sea Of Regimes

Yangmay Downing PDF

Lions Under The Throne: The Constitutional Implications Of The Debate On Prisoner Enfranchisement

Georgina Bryan PDF

 Precedent In International Criminal Courts And Tribunals

Aldo Zammit Borda PDF

 Nicaragua V Colomba At The ICJ: Better The Devil You Don’t?

Naomi Burke PDF

 The Year 2012 In International Criminal Courts And Tribunals: A Retrospect

Henri Decœur PDF

 Enforcing Democracy At The Regional Level: Paraguay’s Suspension Before The Mercosur Court

Geraldo Vidigal PDF

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 29 آبان1392ساعت 18:10  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Stacy-Ann Elvy, Towards a New Democratic Africa: The African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance

Yasmine Ergas, Babies Without Borders: Human Rights, Human Dignity, and the Regulation of International Commercial Surrogacy

Nobuo Hayashi, Contextualizing Military Necessity

Won Kidane, Procedural Due Process in the Expulsion of Aliens Under International, United States, and European Union Law: A Comparative Analysis

Joel Slawotsky, Ignoble Treatment: The Tax Increase on Noble Energy’s Interests in the Massive Israeli Gas Strikes

Bethanie Barnes, A Critique of the U.S.–Russian Adoption Process and Three Recommendations for the U.S.–Russian Bilateral Adoption Agreement

Kedar S. Bhatia, Reconsidering the Purely Jurisdictional View of the Alien Tort Statute

Melissa Curvino, Church-State Cooperation Does Not Violate a Guarantee of Religious Freedom: A Study of the 1978 Spanish Constitution and 1979 Concordat with the Catholic Church

Courtney Ginn, Ensuring the Effective Prosecution of Sexually Violent Crimes in the Bosnian War Crimes Chamber: Applying Lessons from the ICTY

John Odle, Targeted Killings in Yemen and Somalia: Can the United States Target Low-Level Terrorists?

Alan Payne, Redefining “Atheism” in America: What the United States Could Learn from Europe’s Protection of Atheists


+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه 19 آبان1392ساعت 6:42  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

The Road to Hell…: The Statistics Proposal as the Final Solution to the Sovereign’s Human Rights Question

Samuel R.. Lucas

Provisional Measures Under the African Human Rights System: The African Court’s Order Against Libyra

Dan Juma

Electronic Health Records: How the United States Can Learn from the French Dossier Médical Personnel

Amanda Grady

Refueling Biofuel Legislation: Incorporating Social Sustainability Principles to Protect Land Rights

Jamie Konopacky

Where is the Right Balance?¾Exploring the Current Regulations on Nontraditional Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration in the United States, the European Union, Japan and China

Kexin Li

From Humanitarian Assistance to Professional Education: Fifty Years of the Wisconsin Law School’s Engagement with the Global South

David Trubek

 Changing Venue of International Governance and Finance: Exercising Legal Control over the $100 Billion per Year Climate Fund?

Steven Ferrey

 The Criminalization of the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Providing a Statutory Regime to Criminalize and Prosecute Nuclear Weapons Proliferators

Patrick McDade

 Indirect Refoulement: Challenging Canada’s Participation in the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement

Rachel Gonzalez Settlage

Australia’s Fair Work Act and the Transformation of Workplace Disability Discrimination Law

Paul Harpur, Ben French, Richard Bales

 Spurring Innovation in Uganda: Strategies to Assist Developing Countries in Drafting TRIPS-Compliant Patent Legislation that Fosters University Research and Innovation

Matt Richter

+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه 16 آبان1392ساعت 23:30  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

Amissi M. Manirabona & François Crépeau – Enhancing Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

David Matas & Maria Cheung – Canadian Tribunals, Human Rights and Falun Gong

Jeff Corntassel – Cultural Restoration in International Law

Annie Bunting – Forced Marriage in Conflict Situations

Conall Mallory – Membership and the UN Human Rights Council

Cecilia M. Bailliet – Reinterpreting Human Rights through Global Media: A Case Study of Al Jazeera English

Arif Bulkan – The Limits of Constitution (Re)-making in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Towards the ‘Perfect Nation’

Herman T. Salton – ‘A Flag For All Republicans’: The Legislative History and Parliamentary Debates on the French Law on Religious Signs at School

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه 14 آبان1392ساعت 21:41  توسط کمالی نژاد | 

À la croisée de la paix et de la justice : la CICIG une avancée dans la lutte contre l'impunité- Marc-André Anzueto

PDF À la croisée de la paix et de la justice : la CICIG une avancée dans la lutte contre l'impunité?, Marc-André Anzueto

Justice pénale internationale et Conseil de sécurité : une justice politisée- Maria Luisa Cesoni & Damien Scalia

PDF Justice pénale internationale et Conseil de sécurité : une justice politisée, Maria Luisa Cesoni & Damien Scalia

L'instrumentation du principe de complémentarité de la CPI : une question d'actualité- Maxime C.-Tousignant

PDF L'instrumentation du principe de complémentarité de la CPI : une question d'actualité, Maxime C.-Tousignant

 L'Union africaine face à la gestion des changements anticonstitutionnels de gouvernement- Joseph Kazadi Mpiana

PDF L'Union africaine face à la gestion des changements anticonstitutionnels de gouvernement, Joseph Kazadi Mpiana

La participation de la victime à la procédure devant le Tribunal spécial pour le Liban- Di Gore Simmala

PDF La participation de la victime à la procédure devant le Tribunal spécial pour le Liban, Di Gore Simmala

L'invocation devant le juge belge de la Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant- Mouna Haddad

PDF L'invocation devant le juge belge de la Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant, Mouna Haddad

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 8 آبان1392ساعت 11:59  توسط کمالی نژاد | 
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اسفند 1391
بهمن 1391
دی 1391
آذر 1391
آبان 1391
مهر 1391
شهریور 1391
مرداد 1391
تیر 1391
خرداد 1391
اردیبهشت 1391
فروردین 1391
اسفند 1390
بهمن 1390
دی 1390
آذر 1390
آبان 1390
مهر 1390
شهریور 1390
مرداد 1390
تیر 1390
خرداد 1390
اردیبهشت 1390
فروردین 1390
اسفند 1389
بهمن 1389
آدرس سایت ها و وبلاگ های حقوق بین الملل به صورت موضوعی
حقوق بين الملل خصوصي
سازمان ملل متحد و نهادهای مرتبط
سازمانهاي جهانی و منطقه ای
سازمان هاي بین المللی غير دولتي
مؤسسات آموزشي و تحقيقاتي
مجله هاي حقوق بين الملل (دانلود رایگان مقاله)
حقوق بين الملل كار
كتابخانه هاي حقوقي
حقوق بين الملل دریاها
حقوق بين الملل اقتصادی
حقوق بین المللی بشر
حقوق بين الملل محیط زیست
داوري و دادگستري بین المللی
مراكز اسناد حقوق بين الملل
حقوق بين الملل صلح و امنیت
حقوق بين الملل بشردوستانه
حقوق تجارت بین الملل
حقوق بين الملل مالكيت فكري
راهنمای تحقیقاتی حقوق بین الملل
حقوق بین الملل توسعه
حقوق مالیه بین المللی
حقوق بین الملل کیفری
حقوق هوا و فضا
خبرنامه هاي الكترونيكي
وزارت امور خارجه كشورها
برخی سایت ها و وبلاگ های حقوق بین الملل
مركز مطالعات حقوق بين الملل
موسسه حقوق بين الملل پارس
حقوق بين الملل (آقای ضیایی)
حقوق ملل متحد
وب سایت حقوقی دیداد
حقوق بين الملل (خانم پور خاقان)
مجله حقوق محیط زیست
حقوق بین الملل عمومی (دانشگاه قم)
حقوق بشر (خانم توکلی)
حقوق بین الملل (آقای چشمه خاور)
حقوق كودكان
مجله آنلاين حقوق بين الملل
مجله حقوق بين الملل
نشریه حقوق بین المللل پاسارگاد
نشریه حقوق بین الملل پاسارگاد2
حقوق بشر (آقاي صفاي نيا)
حقوق بشر (آقاي مقامي)
حقوق بين الملل اقتصادي
دست نوشته هاي حقوقي
حقوق بین الملل هوا، فضا و ارتباطات
حقوق بین الملل (آقای زمانزاد)
حقوق بین الملل آبادان
مرکز ایرانی مطالعات حقوق بین الملل
حقوق بین الملل (آقای صدیقی)
حقوق بین الملل (آقای عباسی)
ماهنامه بين المللي حقوق
حقوق بين الملل (آقاي شيرواني)
حقوق بین الملل (دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد-تهران شمال)
حقوق بین الملل (آقای سلامتی)
حقوق بین الملل (آقای نجار زاده)
نوشتارهايي در حقوق بين الملل
گستره حقوق بين الملل
حقوق جامع (آقاي باقري)
حقوق بين الملل (آزاد بوشهر)
حقوق بین الملل (آقای طامه)
حقوق بین الملل (آقای ویسکرمی)
وبلاگ حقوق بین الملل
دانشكده حقوق و علوم سياسي دانشگاه تهران
دانشكده حقوق دانشگاه شهيد بهشتي
دانشكده حقوق و علوم سياسي دانشگاه شيراز
دانشكده روابط بين الملل
انديشكده روابط بين الملل
كميته گزارشگران حقوق بشر
حقوق ملل
پیک حقوق بشر
جامعه دفاع از حقوق بشر و دموکراسی
مرکز اسناد حقوق بشر ایران
كميسيون حقوق بش اسلامي
مرکز اسناد حقوق بشر ایران
همایش اسلام و حقوق بشردوستانه
مرکز امور حقوقی بین المللی نهاد ریاست جمهوری
پایگاه تخصصی سیاست بین الملل
انجمن ايراني مطالعات سازمان ملل متحد
مرکز مطالعات حقوق بشر
مرکز مطالعات عالی بین المللی
كرسي حقوق بشر صلح و دموكراسي يونسكو
بانک اطلاعات دیوان داوری دعاوی ایران-امریکا
سازمان فضايي ايران
سفارت ايران در لاهه
ديده بان حقوق بشر
اندیشکده روابط بین الملل
جمعيت هلال احمر
نمايندگي سازمان ملل متحد-تهران
دفتر اطلاعات سازمان ملل متحد-تهران
ديوان دعاوي ايران-ايالات متحد
مجلس شوراي اسلامي
قربانیان ترور
موسسه بین المللی مطالعات دریای خزر
دفتر امور بين الملل قوه قضاييه
معاونت پژوهش های روابط بین الملل مرکز تحقیقات استراتژیک
مرکز پژوهش های علمی و مطالعات استراتژیک خاورمیانه
حقوق بين الملل (آقاي قنبري)
از حقوق بين الملل بيشتر بدانيم
وبلاگ آقاي مهرافروز
عرصه حقوق بين الملل
حقوق بین الملل (آقای هادی)
دفتر مطالعات سياسي و بين المللي وزارت امور خارجه
کانون حقوق بشر و روابط بین الملل آل یاسین
اخبار حقوق بین الملل
حقوق بین الملل دریاها
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